Photo credit: KC Furr, Hound Dog Photography

Bedford County Hunt Hunter Pace Results November 5, 2017

1st tie Team# 173 Dick Long, Meghan Kaiser
1st tie Team# 176 Peggy & Larry Pitts
2nd Team# 160 Alicia Robinson (Solly)
3rd Team# 150 Alicia Robinson (Gizmo)
4th Team# 150 Caitlin Ward

1st Team# 164 Karen Rymer, Ashley Culpepper
2nd Team# 153 Casey Lewis-Cole, Marie Abowd
3rd Team# 174 Lizbeth Nauta, Steph Mace
4th Team# 141 Michelle Buonocore, Christa Hawley

100 CLUB
1st Team# 175 Janice Callahan, Lisa Wilkinson
2nd Team# 164 Jane Eckes, Bob Holmberg

1st Team# 172 Med Long, Rhonda Kuhn
2nd Team# 144 Caitlin East, Kelly Linn
3rd Team# 152 Susie Whiteside, Mary Kay Sustek
4th Team# 144 Kim Wilson, Karen May

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